Sleep and The Traveller

Guitar icon Support independent music and buy The DJ Jo EP and In Distant Lands by Sleep and The Traveller. The following albums are currently out of print, but they may be re-released when Machine Gun Theory comes out.

The DJ Jo EP (2006). 

The DJ Jo EP front cover The DJ Jo EP inside cover The DJ Jo EP compact disc The DJ Jo EP inside cover

In Distant Lands (2006). 

In Distant Lands front cover In Distant Lands inside cover In Distant Lands compact disc In Distant Lands inside cover


G Clef I'm not sure if I'm going to make any original music available here. For now I'm just going to post arrangements of traditional songs. The arrangements and performances themselves are copyrighted, but permission is granted to reproduce and perform them in a non-commercial context according to the license listed in the table below.

Song (audio)Audio License (formal)Audio License (summary)Sheet MusicDescription
Baby Song (recorded 2004) Creative Commons Music Sharing License Creative Commons Music Sharing Deedbabysong.pdf Star This is a song you'll recognize that I arranged and recorded for my baby niece. The recording is of both piano and electric guitars, but I'd only recently taught myself a little bit of piano. The sheet music contains only the basic guitar part; play it with your fretboard hand forming an open E chord and move only your pinky. It's great for putting babies to sleep (and parents too). Room 208 chose to use the song on their very first podcast during their word of the week closing segment. I'm happy about that because the song is for children and they used it as the background music for the word possible.