Firefox Restore Cookie Prompt Patch

Patch icon Firefox used to allow you to be notified every time a Web site attempted to set a cookie. You could decide to accept or reject the cookie as well as specify the cookie lifetime and whether to use your choice for all cookies from the Web site, thereby updating your cookie preferences. This feature was removed in Firefox version 44.0.

I've been maintaining a patch to restore the cookie prompt feature based on the reverse diff of the commit(s) that removed the feature. It now also restores the Show Cookies button that was removed from Privacy & Security preferences in Firefox 60.0. The patch requires regular updating with each major Firefox release as more of the code required by the feature is removed by Mozilla developers. I finally decided to publish the patch on the Web on the chance others may find it useful.

I've forked Firefox in the past to maintain an SVG plugin for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Maintaining the fork was very difficult given the merge-unfriendly branch system used by Mozilla. Merges were very painful. For that reason, I have not forked Firefox to maintain this patch. Instead, I update it manually based on source release tarballs. Therefore, I cannot publish a fork that can accept pull requests.

This patch usually has to be updated for each Firefox major release and may eventually become impossible or too labor-intensive to keep working.

In case it's not clear, this is a source code patch for those who compile their own software. It is not a binary patch for end users.

Patch FileComment
firefox-90.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 90.0.
firefox-89.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 89.0.
firefox-85.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 85.0, 86.0.1, 87.0, and 88.0.
firefox-84.0.1-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 84.0.1.
firefox-82.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 82.0 and 83.0.
firefox-81.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 81.0 and 81.0.1. Introduced a bug that sometimes doesn't block cookies from subprocesses. Fixed in the 82.0 patch.
firefox-80.0.1-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 80.0.1.
firefox-79.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 79.0.
firefox-78.0.2-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 78.0.2.
firefox-77.0.1-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 77.0.1.
firefox-75.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 75.0, 76.0, and 76.0.1.
firefox-74.0.1-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 74.0.1.
firefox-73.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 73.0 and 73.0.1.
firefox-72.0.1-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 72.0.1.
firefox-71.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 71.0.
firefox-70.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 70.0.
firefox-69.0-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 69.0.
firefox-68.0.1-restore-cookie-prompt.patch.xzVerified to work with Firefox 68.0.1 and 68.0.2.

Revision History
Revision firefox-90.02021-07-16 

Updated patch for Firefox 90.0.

Revision firefox-89.02021-06-02 

Updated patch for Firefox 89.0.

Revision firefox-85.02021-02-03 

Updated patch for Firefox 85.0. Fixed cookie accept dialog so the cookie value is clipped (but can still be copied) instead of causing the window to grow for very long cookie values.

Revision firefox-84.0.12020-12-31 

Updated patch for Firefox 84.0.1.

Revision firefox-82.02020-10-24 

Updated patch for Firefox 82.0, fixing bug from previous patch that resulted in sometimes not blocking cookies from subprocesses.

Revision firefox-81.02020-09-24 

Updated patch for Firefox 81.0.

Revision firefox-80.0.12020-09-02 

Updated patch for Firefox 80.0.1.

Revision firefox-79.02020-07-28 

Updated patch for Firefox 79.0.

Revision firefox-78.0.22020-07-21 

Updated patch for Firefox 78.0.2.

Revision firefox-77.0.12020-07-21 

Updated patch for Firefox 77.0.1.

Revision firefox-75.02020-04-07 

Updated patch for Firefox 75.0.

Revision firefox-74.0.12020-04-07 

Updated patch for Firefox 74.0.1.

Revision firefox-73.02020-02-15 

Updated patch for Firefox 73.0.

Revision firefox-72.0.12020-01-09 

Updated patch for Firefox 72.0.1. This primarily involved renaming .xul file name extensions to .xhtml.

Revision firefox-71.02019-12-07 

Updated patch for Firefox 71.0.

Revision firefox-70.02019-10-23 

Updated patch for Firefox 70.0.

Revision firefox-69.02019-09-04 

Updated patch for Firefox 69.0.

Revision firefox-68.0.12019-08-10 

Updated patch for Firefox 68.0.1. Fixed bug that appeared around version 60.0 where session cookies would not be deleted on exit.

Revision firefox-67.0.42019-07-06 

Updated patch for Firefox 67.0.4.

Revision firefox-66.0.52019-05-14 

Updated patch for Firefox 66.0.5.

Revision firefox-65.02019-02-03 

Updated patch for Firefox 65.0.

Revision firefox-63.0.12018-11-11 

Updated patch for Firefox 63.0.1.

Revision firefox-62.0.32018-10-12 

Updated patch for Firefox 62.0.3.

Revision firefox-61.0.12018-07-15 

Updated patch for Firefox 61.0.1.

Revision firefox-60.0.12018-05-18 

Updated patch for Firefox 60.0.1. Reduced size of patch by removing unneeded files created by previous patches. Fixed problem with Firefox resetting cookie preference on restart. Restored Show Cookies button removed in Firefox 60.0.

Removed pre-59.0.2 patches because some may not interact well with some asynchronous Web extensions.

Revision firefox-60.02018-05-15 

Updated patch for Firefox 60.0.

Revision firefox-59.0.22018-03-30 

Updated patch for Firefox 59.0.2.

Revision firefox-57.0.42018-01-16 

Updated patch for Firefox 57.0.4 and switched to xz compression.

Revision firefox-56.0.12017-10-17 

Updated patch for Firefox 56.0.1.

Revision firefox-55.0.32017-08-28 

Updated patch for Firefox 55.0.3.

Revision firefox-53.0.32017-06-06 

Updated patch for Firefox 53.0.3. This is the first public release, but it has been maintained since Firefox 44.0.