Original Works for Classical Guitar

G Clef One encounter with La Catedral or Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios is enough to completely redefine your concept of what constitutes great guitar music. I have no pretensions that any of the music I make available on this page possesses any musical value. But even music of little depth can have some didactic value and be enjoyed by the beginning musician. For that reason, I have decided to share some works I've written for the classical guitar.

I'm currently using two criteria to determine whether or not to post a piece of music:

  1. It must teach something of value to the novice guitarist (e.g., basic chord fingerings or an exercise to strengthen the fourth finger).
  2. It must make the novice guitarist feel like he's playing something. That usually means at one point or another someone has said he or she liked the piece.

For starters, I'm offering a couple of pieces. If they are well-received, I'll post more over time. Please remember, you may not redistribute any of these works on your own Web site. Standard copyright law applies. I'm not under any illusion that someone would want to use the music for anything other than personal practice, but if you want to do something with the music other than play it for yourself, you must contact me to request the appropriate permissions.