Arpeggio Study in E Minor

Classical guitar I wrote Arpeggio Study in E Minor as filler to lengthen Sagreras's Lección 84. It features two simple melodies played twice in an ABBA sequence that alternates betwen 9/8 and 12/8 time. When combined with Lección 84, the sequence becomes ABCCBA, where the A part is Sagreras's study. I've provided sheet music for playing the study by itself and another version that combines it with Sagreras's study.

This is a simple exercise, but it can present some problems if you do not follow the provided fingering. The fingering emphasizes placement of the fourth finger to facilitate later placement of the other fingers. If you don't use the fourth finger as notated, you may have to move your hand a greater amount than would otherwise be necessary.

Revision History

Added missing begin repeat in measure 9.


Changed tied dotted half notes in measures 9 and 11 to dotted whole notes.