Lección 84 (Lesson 84) by Julio Salvador Sagreras

Classical guitar Lección 84 is the 84th lesson of Julio Salvador Sagreras's Las Primeras Lecciones de Guitarra, the first of a six-volume method[1] for teaching and learning how to play the guitar. It is a simple piece that bears a superficial resemblance to Romanza (Spanish Romance); but it is much shorter and features a quite different melody. Although written to serve pedagogical motives, Lección 84 is a complete work (albeit a very short one) that can serve as a prelude to another piece in the same key.

In his method books, Sagreras would notate fingering at an extreme level of detail. Even though I've done the same in some of my transcriptions, such as Canarios, I prefer less fingering. I've attempted to minimize the fingering in the piece, elminating all of the right-hand fingering after the first measure. Also, I've changed some of the left-hand fingering. The grace note slides in measures 3 and 7 are my own interpretive additions not present in the original. In the original, Sagreras accents every first-voice melody note with a marcato articulation symbol, specifying in the preface of his book that such notes should be played apoyando. Even though I omitted the marcato articulations, you should take care to highlight the melody so it doesn't get lost in the arpeggios. Finally, Sagreras notated the piece in 3/4 with triplets, which I've changed to 9/8 to avoid notating triplets.

If you enjoy the piece and would like to make it last longer, see Arpeggio Study in E Minor for extra music to combine with Leccíon 84.

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[1] The six volumes are Las Primeras …, Las Segundas …, etc. Lecciones de Guitarra. Técnica Superior de Guitarra, published in 1922, is a precursor to the method books and can be considered the zeroth volume. The series has been reprinted many times and is still used today by many teachers and students. The original publications are now in the public domain and served as my source material.