The Dice Tower Network Podcast Player

The Dice Tower Network[1] is a loose federation of board/tabletop gaming podcasts. In early 2014, I wrote a demonstration Web-based podcast player to make it easy for people discovering the network for the first time to listen to the podcasts. I offered it to The Dice Tower as a small way of building the audience (by catering to casual listeners) and encouraging folks to return to the Web site. The Dice Tower declined my offer as well as my other offers to redesign their Web site and build a mobile application along the lines of those of other Web-based media companies, making all audio, video, and text content available in one place, fully indexed, searchable, and dynamically updated.

Although this is only a demonstration program, it works and seemed like a waste not to make it available on the Web. Therefore, in late 2014, I created this page for those who may be interested in listening to The Dice Tower Network podcasts. I believe it is a convenient way for the casual listener to sample the podcasts on an Internet-connected device.

Podcasts are ceasing to function over time as their URL's become invalid.


Neither the The Dice Tower nor The Dice Tower Network endorses The Dice Tower Network Podcast Player.

Likewise, I do not endorse any of the podcasts and am not a regular listener or viewer of any Dice Tower content. I think all of the people involved do a fantastic job with the content they create. I am simply not their intended audience, having been involved with the hobby since I was a child and preferring to spend time playing games instead of listening to people talk about games.

Keep in mind that this is a demo cobbled together in at most a couple of hours. It is ugly and missing features such as displaying episode date and length when available, RSS feed links, asynchronous feed loading, links to the podcast Web sites, and so on. I will not add anything to the program unless people contact me with requests.

Although the player is hosted via an encrypted connection, it must retrieve unencrypted content. The unencrypted images, text, and audio are not hosted by this site. Your Web browser may produce a warning and change the color of the encryption indicator in the address bar when loading this page.

The podcasts use inconsistent data formats causing meaningful episode titles, descriptions, and other descriptive text not to be available for some podcasts.

[1] The Dice Tower and The Dice Tower Network are trademarks of Tom Vasel.