Unicorn Interactive Service Invocation Library

About Unicorn

Gear icon Unicorn provides Swing components for interactively invoking methods on JMX MBeans, JavaBeans, and Web Services. It is intended to allow developers to implement simple testing and debugging tools quckly. Unicorn also can be extended to handle other types of objects. All you have to do is implement an ObjectPanelModel.

The current version of Unicorn does not support WSDL complex types. They will be supported in a future release.


Unicorn is released under the Apache License 2.0.


VersionSourceBinariesLicenseAPI Documentation
0.1.1unicorn-0.1.0-src.tar.gzunicorn-0.1.0-bin.tar.gzLICENSEUnicorn 0.1.0 API

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