Lighttpd 1.4.16 FCGI Status Code Patch

Patch icon I tried to submit a patch identifying the source of the problem reported in Ticket #1270 error-handler-404 cannot change status code (introduced by 1.4.16), but my submission was rejected by the issue tracking system. Therefore, I'm posting it here. This patch reverts the change that broke status codes returned by FCGI programs. The ultimate intended use of error_handler_saved_status in the HANDLER_FINISHED section of the code is not entirely clear, so I generated a reversion instead of a general improvement/correction.


The problem addressed by this patch was fixed in version 1.4.17 a month later. Upgrade to the latest version to get the fix along with a host of others.

Patch FileComment
lighttpd-1.4.16-error-handler-404.patchThis patch is a one-liner reverting a change made between 1.4.15 and 1.4.16 that broke the ability of FCGI programs to set the HTTP status code sent with a response.