ASL Starter Kit #2 Unofficial Errata

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ASL Starter Kit #2 Unofficial Errata

Daniel F. Savarese

Last Updated: 2006-04-09

ASL Starter Kit #2 Clarifications and Unofficial Errata

Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #2 Even though it corrects much of the errata from ASLSK#1, ASLSK#2 contains a couple of regressions and typos in addition to some genuine errata of its own.

Road Bonus

In 1.1.1 Terrain Types, the description of Roads should read … Infantry that crosses only roads … (the sentence dropped a couple of words that appeared in ASLSK#1). As long as throughout your entire movement you cross from road hex to road hex via hexsides crossed by the same road, you gain a 1 MF bonus.


Smoke adds an extra MF/MP to the entry cost of a SMOKE Location only during the Movement and Route Phases. It does not affect advance during the Advance Phase[1] (see ASLRB A24.7).

LOS Obstacles


… an intervening same-level obstacle never blocks the LOS of same-level units.


Obstacles at the same level or lower than both the firer and the target do not block line of sight. For example, a level 1 building on level 0 open ground does not block the line of sight between a firer and target on level 1 hills. The ASLSK line of sight rules are simplified and appear to treat all buildings as level 1 obstacles.

Pinned Effects

A pinned unit suffers a +2 penalty to its to To Hit DR when firing Ordnance (see ASLRB A7.81). This penalty is listed in the QRDC but I cannot find it in the rule book.

Quick Reference Data Chart (QRDC) and Gun Charts

  • The QRDC incorrectly states in the IFT DRM table that fire by a CX unit conveys a -1 DRM. The DRM should be +1.

  • Item 17 in the To Hit Dice Roll Modifiers list from the gun charts swapped the modifiers for small and large targets. The modifier for small targets should be +1 and the modifier for large targets should be -1 (see ASLRB C2.271).

Target Type TEM DRMs

In 3.2.4 To Hit Process under Effects, the text contradicts the earlier description of TEM DRMs against the Infantry Target Type (probably the result of a typo where TH DR should have read IFT DR). The original description is correct. The Infantry Target Type applies TEM to the TH DR and not the Effects DR on the IFT (see ASLRB C3.32, C3.33, C3.331, and C6.8).


A mortar cannot be fired from the inside of a building (see ASLRB B23.423). In full ASL, mortars can be fired from a rooftop.

Loss of Target Acquisition

It may not be clear from the rule book, but target acquisition is lost when a unit manning a Gun engages in close combat because that constitues firing its inherent FP. As additional clarification, a Gun may interdict the same target without losing acquisition, but use in close combat with or interdiction against a different target results in acquisition loss (see ASLRB C6.5). That is in contrast to the manning unit, which will cause acquisition loss when engaging in close combat with or interdicting any target.

Inherent FP Forfeiture

Per ASLRB A7.353, forefeiture of inherent FP as a result of firing a Gun or SW does not prevent a unit from using inherent FP in Final Fire against adjacent units or Subsequent First Fire (including Final Protective Fire). In such instances, the normal rule of halving inherent FP applies, as does the negation of inherent FP when using maximum SW/Gun capability during those attacks.

[1] In ASLSK#1 it wasn't possible for smoke to last beyond the movement phase, so MMP probably overlooked this discrepancy when updating the rules to reflect ASLSK#2 additions. Nevertheless, the omission may have been intentional. Therefore, as with all unofficial errata and clarifications, be sure to verify the rule with the tournament director if playing in a tournament.